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Dirty Sue


Dirty Sue is a specialty food and beverage company that produces premium cocktail olives, brines, and mixes owned and operated by Eric Tecosky. As the popularity of its products grew, Dirty Sue faced the challenge of keeping up with the demand for its high-quality, handcrafted products. The company needed a reliable e-commerce partner to handle warehouse and fulfillment for both direct-to-consumer orders and wholesale shipping to other vendors, as well as samples for potential new customers.


After careful research and consideration, Dirty Sue selected Garmon Distributors to be its e-commerce partner. Garmon had a strong reputation for providing efficient and reliable fulfillment services for a variety of products, including specialty foods and beverages. In addition, Garmon's state-of-the-art warehouse and fulfillment technology made it well-equipped to handle the storage and shipping of Dirty Sue's delicate, handcrafted products.


Before partnering with Garmon, Dirty Sue struggled to manage the fulfillment process in-house, due to limited space and staff. The company found it difficult to keep up with the increasing demand for its products, and the process of fulfilling orders for both direct-to-consumer and wholesale customers was time-consuming and resource-intensive.


Since partnering with Garmon, Dirty Sue has experienced a significant increase in sales and customer satisfaction. The company has been able to expand its product line and reach new markets, thanks to the efficient and reliable fulfillment provided by Garmon. In addition, the partnership has allowed Dirty Sue to focus on other aspects of the business, such as product development and marketing, rather than being bogged down by the logistics of warehouse and fulfillment.


Overall, the partnership with Garmon Distributors has been a major factor in the continued growth and success of Dirty Sue. The company's high-quality products, combined with Garmon's efficient and reliable fulfillment services, have enabled Dirty Sue to reach a wider audience and achieve greater success in the specialty food and beverage industry.

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