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Ben & Josh Garmon

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We are a family owned business that started out small and we have grown out of the garage into an 35,000 sq ft warehouse. We personally ship well over 1000 orders per day and add infrastructure to expand almost weekly. Since the very beginning we have always poured our heart into taking care of our partners, their customers and fulfilling exactly what they need in the shortest amount of time possible.

We were raised in a family of strong and dedicated workers while we also spent summers running around the yard barefoot, playing football in the fall, and duck hunting in the winter. All of that independence inspired us to start Garmon Distributors in 2012. Since then, we’ve listened to our customer’s and used their feedback to better our services and put products to market they value most. We pride ourselves on same-day shipping, allowing us to reach 95% of the U.S. within a three day delivery window. We know first-hand that we offer superior packaging solutions for our customers. And it’s our promise to you that our support for the customer will always be done with a personal touch and remain a core priority for this company.


Rest assured, when you call, chat or email, we will answer. Our goal is to provide you with the best buying experience, highest-quality goods, and most dependable delivery possible.

It's All About the Team


We’re not just a Marketplace Manager or 3PL company, we’re also a trusted partner that will always strive to put quality products to market and support our customer’s needs while also investing in the development of our team members.

We are co-located with Louisiana Tech University and frequently employ part-time Supply Chain Management majors. These students are a vital part of why Garmon Distributors is such a special place to come to work and care about what we do. When you work with Garmon Distributors, you're are supporting a family-owned business and a team of people who have extensive experience in e-commerce, consumer products and logistics that will provide the upmost care and support for your company.

It’s the mission of our Team to provide you with an easy buying experience, the best possible customer service, ensure you receive the correct quality product on-time and they arrive safely in superior packaged boxes.

“Where is Garmon Distributors located?”

2.png We are nestled in the pine tree filled countryside of North Louisiana near the beautiful small southern city of Ruston, 18 minutes North of Interstate 20 at 6497 LA Highway 33 in beautiful Choudrant, Louisiana.


Like every great business story, we started out very small – out of our home garage – and we have grown into a 35,000 sq ft warehouse with multiple fulfillment stations, a full production line for kitting & bundling products. Multiple forklifts run inventory to our 8 loading docks where we routinely unload containers with new inventory and load FedEx trucks with our customer's orders.


We ship well over 1000 orders per day, all from this location, and produce over 150 kitting & bundles per hour, 5 days a week. Since the very beginning we have poured our heart into making sure that we take care of our customers and this facility allows us to continually add more products and expand our catalog for them.

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