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How Much Social Proof Does Your Brand Have?

In online business, social proof is how your customers build trust in your brand and your products. Reviews are how your business builds essential trust. Digital reputation management is vital to building a positive online presence for your business. Since 9 out of 10 customers read reviews before they buy a product, it is critical to have a way to collect positive reviews for your business' product pages.

Your customers may also want to ask specific questions directly if they cannot find the information they need on your website or from reviews. If you do not have an efficient system in place to respond to queries, you can spend valuable business time answering emails or chats, or miss a sale due to late responses. Late responses can also damage your brand's reputation for responsive customer service.

What We Do

Garmon Distributors offers two tools to help you manage your brand's online reputation. 

Review Management

Our reputation management software automates the process of review collection. We can send post-purchase reminders to customers asking for a review. We also make the process of creating reviews intuitive for your customers. People are more likely to leave reviews if it is as easy as possible for them to do so.

We also collect and analyze the feedback from reviews, and present it in a report for you.You can easily change aspects of your products or fulfillment process without sorting through hundreds of reviews. 

Customer Service Management

Customers appreciate a rapid, friendly response from your business. Good customer service can be the difference between a new repeat buyer and a lost sale. Garmon can automate responses to customer queries to keep your response time as low as possible. 


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