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Are You Ready for Omnichannel Marketing?

Does your e-commerce business use an omnichannel marketing approach?

Are you considering using an omnichannel strategy? 

Maybe you’re just sitting there thinking, “What is omnichannel e-commerce?”

While omnichannel marketing strategies are key to clear branding and a seamless customer experience, they aren’t always the easiest to manage. Basically, you have to provide a consistent customer experience across whatever e-commerce platform your customer happens to use. 

For instance, if you have products listed on Amazon, Google Store, and, your customers need your products to be consistently branded across all platforms. Maybe they first saw your product on, but they have a Prime membership so they want to purchase your item on Amazon instead. Omnichannel marketing allows customers to find exactly what they need without unpleasant user experiences. 

While the omnichannel customer experience is great, it isn’t exactly easy for you to run from the back end. Managing your shop on multiple channels, with all their different requirements, can be a full-time job by itself! 

What We Do

Garmon’s omnichannel management service provides you and your customers with a unified, branded shopping experience no matter what platform your customers use. We handle the back-end work to make sure that everything stays organized. Garmon currently works with the largest national and local marketplaces, with more functionality coming soon


Current marketplaces that we support include:

amazon walmart ebay google shopping louisiana pantry


Launching soon:

amazon ca facebook etsy exchange
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