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How Do I Know if Bundling is Right For Me?

Are you looking for additional ways to increase sales?Kitting and bundling.png 

Are you frustrated by inefficiencies in your shipping processes?

Kitting your various products together could be the answer to both problems.

Companies that bundle products together can create multiple efficiencies. 

Bundling can:

  • Reduce warehouse costs through efficient picking
  • Decrease shipping costs due to fewer boxes shipped
  • Suggest items to forgetful customers
  • Increase sales of lagging items by bundling them with better sellers

A successful product bundling strategy will cut your warehousing and shipping costs and increase sales. This will allow you to boost your revenue, pass along savings to your customers, or both. 

What We Do

At Garmon, we start by consulting with you to establish product kitting success. 

  • Which of your products are most often bought together?
  • Which products would you like your customers to buy together? Do you offer a range of complementary products?
  • Do your customers often make several orders in rapid succession, like they forgot something and had to add it? 

Once we know how to build the best kits for your business, we will establish one unique SKU for all the products in each bundle. We will rearrange your products in our warehouse so all products for one kit are grouped together for streamlined fulfillment. Bundled warehouse groupings also reduce picking errors – another win for customer satisfaction.

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