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When Will My Customers Receive Their Orders?

Great question, and one we take very seriously here at Garmon Distributors. In addition to processing our FBA (fulfilled by amazon) production orders, we take control of our fulfillment process to ensure highest quality. Our fulfillment services for FBM (fulfilled by merchant) orders are processed at or above industry average statistics.

  • Less than 1% of our orders are canceled pre-fulfillment.
  • Our late shipment rate is also less than 1%.
  • We select and pack the best quality, so our order defect rate is, once again, less than 1%.
  • We maintain a 99% or greater valid tracking number rate. 


What We Do

We nurture quality relationships with UPS, FedEx, and other regional and national carriers to ensure smooth, error-free package handling from the time it leaves our Louisiana facility to the moment it arrives at your customer's door.

Orders received before 1:30 PM CST receive same-day fulfillment.
We continuously monitor our packing and fulfillment stations and reallocate personnel as necessary to ensure maximum efficiency. 
Your customers aren't the only ones tracking their packages. We monitor our shipments with FedEx Insight to ensure accurate, on-time delivery.
Worried about Black Friday shipping backlogs? Adding new products to your lineup? Not to fear. Garmon's operations are scalable, so we can easily accommodate a higher-than-normal order volume.


1 We offer same-day fulfillment for orders placed before 1:30 PM CST.
2 We continually monitor our fulfillment process and ensure that manpower is allocated accordingly.
3 We monitor shipments using FedEx InSight to ensure that packages arrive to your customers on time.
4 When order volume increases or new products are added, we are able to proactively scale fulfillment.
us map map legend * Sunday^ delivery if the shipper is enrolled in weekend spotted trailer pickups
** Monday delivery if the shipper is enrolled in weekend spotted trailer pickups
^Monday if not a Sunday eligible ZIP code
@ The following week
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