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Amazon Listing Optimization

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Getting Lost on Amazon?

  •  Are your products getting noticed on Amazon?Garmon_Color_24-01.png
  • Do you have many clicks and impressions for your Amazon storefront, but no orders?
  • Do you have an inconsistent brand across your product listings, or no branding strategy at all? 

Because Amazon Marketplace is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in terms of both customer base and amount of sellers, it is also one of the most competitive when it comes to getting your products seen. Any slight edge you can give your profile over your competitors could mean the difference between a sale for you, and a lost opportunity. Not only do you have to catch the attention of potential human customers, but you also must have a profile that will get noticed by the Amazon algorithm. Optimizing your Amazon listings is the way to do this.


What We Do

Garmon’s Amazon listing optimization service gives each of your Amazon listings a complete overhaul. We ensure that each part of your listing is as attractive as possible to both potential customers and the AI algorithm. 

We provide:

  • Product title optimization
  • Relevant keywords throughout your listing for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Professional photo and video content to highlight your product’s benefits and help customers visualize using it
  • Links to your brand store
  • Photo and video carousel optimized for Amazon specfications
  • In addition to all this, we also offer a premium service that includes:
  • A+ product descriptions designed to sell (based on eligibility)
  • Enhanced product visibility (listings display in multiple places)
  • Consistent branding across your entire Amazon storefront
  • Tell your meaningful brand story
  • Coherent brand voice across all listings
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
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